Sunday, 25 May 2008

Share Your Heart

This coming 24 June 2008 - 13 July 2008, taking place in Sun Plaza, Medan, Indonesia.
Organized by:
PT ALJ Trading Indonesia,
Sole Agent & Distributor of LEGO in Indonesia

in partnership with:
StarKidz, Sub Distributor of LEGO in Medan, Indonesia
SOGO Department Store in Sun Plaza Medan
Sun Plaza

This June 2008, LEGO will be building the first and longest LEGO Millipede ever built in Medan City at the main atrium of Sun Plaza. This will be the biggest LEGO building event of the year for the whole family and thousands of public participation is expected.

What is the LEGO Millipede?
The LEGO Millipede or commonly known by its other name “Thousand Legged Worm” is a LEGO building happening event where kids, friends, families, people of all ages come together and have a hands-on participation in building part of a mega huge LEGO model that is built up of thousands of LEGO bricks.

LEGO and our partners will also be raising funds for charity through building of the LEGO Millipede.

100% of the donations raised through the building of the LEGO Millipede will be donated to YAYASAN ABDI KASIH (YADIKA), a non-profit organization that is running a school and shelter for mentally challenged children suffering from autism and down-syndrome. (We will be posted more profile on this Yayasan later.

Starting from today up to 11 July 2008, all donation collected from this site will be donated to YAYASAN ABDI KASIH

We thank-you for your kind attention and hope you be able to support our LEGO Millipede Charity Fund Raiser.
Help us light a smile on these children’s faces.

You can donate by clicking below :

or you can make your donation by bank transfer to SOGO Department Store Account for LEGO Milipede :
PT.Panen Lestari Internusa
BII A/C 2-209-00070-0
BII Diponegoro Medan, Indonesia

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